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220° is on the 2019 Italian Beer guide by Slowine
220° is on the 2019 Italian Beer guide by Slowine
Why Slow Beer? Slowine classifies slow beers those high quality beers, of great organoleptic value, able to tell a territory and that will become points of reference for the world of Italian beer.
And our 220 ° is a craft beer with a high fermentation made in Pavia, born from a zero-kilometer collaboration between Moka Sir's SpA Roasting Company and the Pavese Brewery (Opera Brewery brand). 220° Coffee Craft Beer is not pasteurized, of an intense golden color, clean on the palate, with toasted notes conferred by the coffee and a pleasantly bitter aftertaste.
Taste 220 °now, it will be the beer revelation of the summer!
For any enquiry, please contact Mokasirs private label department.
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