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1st Moka Sir's ProAm Trophy
1st Moka Sir's ProAm Trophy
In April 28th and 29th April, Torrefazione Moka Sir's SpA will meet you at the prestigious 1928 Fiuggi Golf Club for the 1st Moka Sir's ProAm Trophy, a 18-hole Stableford formula race for all categories. 
Moka Sir's has always supported the sport and, for the first time, it will sponsor a golf tournament at the club, giving the guests and the players the opportunity to enjoy a good coffee "on the sidelines" served by an original ApeCaffè by Moka Sir's.
But the tasting at the edge of the field will not be limited to coffee: Moka Sir's is also 220 °, a craft beer with coffee, and NERA, the coffee sambuca Moka Sir's.
On Sunday afternoon there will be the awards with a final surprise: Moka Sir's will award the winner of each of the 3 categories with a Moel Capsule Espresso 735RE machine and a pack of 100 capsules.
For any enquiry, please contact Mokasirs private label department.
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Torrefazione Moka Sir's SpA
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