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Technology and quality

    • Moka Sir's technology and quality
    • Technology and quality
  • The main mission of Moka Sir's has always been the pursuit of quality. The choice of raw materials, the use of technologically advanced equipment, the controls carried out during the manufacturing process and the high standard of services it offers its customers are the company’s greatest strengths.

    The processing of coffee beans into Mokasirs blends and pods is carried out in a factory with fully automated manufacturing and warehousing equipment.

    The high technological standard of the plants and the numerous in-process controls performed by specialized staff guarantee the uniformity and reliability of our coffee blends.

    This commitment is confirmed by the fact that Moka Sir's has adopted a number of voluntary certifications – a decision that emphasizes our great dedication to quality at all levels and growing attention to the safety and wholesomeness of the product in catering to an increasingly demanding and diversified market.
  • ISO 9001:2008: Awarded in 1999 for our ground coffee blends and extended in 2011 to our coffee pods. This certifies that the Quality Management System adopted by Moka Sir's conforms to international regulatory requirements. This certification recognises that our organisational model is characterised by a great sense of responsibility in manufacturing and a transparent approach in dealing with the markets.
  • ORGANIC: Our Mokasirs Mundo blend is certified organic, meaning that it is a product of organic farming, a manufacturing method that respects human health and the environment. Cultivation follows the strict criteria set by the European Union, which guarantees through constant inspection the correct functioning of the system that grants this qualification.
  • KOSHER: This certification states that Mokasirs coffee blends are produced in compliance with the dietary rules prescribed by the Bible. This theme is of great importance to a growing part of the global market - Jewish, Muslim and Hindu consumers and vegetarians. A rabbinic certifying agency assigns this status by analysing the ingredients and processing plants, while unannounced controls ensure that nothing changes after receiving the certification of quality.
    • Moka Sir's quality controls and tests
    • Quality control
  • Within the company Moka Sir's has its own laboratory, where specialized staff carry out chemical, physical and organoleptic tests on samples of each batch of coffee grains produced in the factory, collected at different stages of the manufacturing cycle.

    This stage of the final checking and validating of the production represents for the customer a further guarantee of the safety and wholesomeness of Mokasirs coffee, and for the company the assurance that the product we offer is constantly reliable and examined with the utmost professional competence.

For any enquiry, please contact Mokasirs private label department.
Kosher Certificate Conformity Certificate Organic Iso 9001
Torrefazione Moka Sir's SpA
Operational Headquarter: Via Turati, 50 - 27051 Cava Manara (PV); Registered Office: Via Privata Cesare Battisti, 2 – 20122 Milano (MI)
Fiscal Code and VAT Number 00181250184 - R.E.A. MI n°. 1703616 - R.E.A. PV n°. 129448 - Social Capital Euro 1.820.000,00 Int. Vers.